Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quilt Show in Progress...

We are in the midst of the Bitterroot Quilter's Guild's show and what a wonderful display of quilts it is.  I was really pleased to see how many people entered art quilts in the show this year.  They are having a silent auction and I donated two wall hangings for that:

Hopefully the guild will make some money with the auction since everything is donated. The bidding quite often gets interesting at the end of the show so I'll be keeping an eye on it tomorrow afternoon!

I worked at the show all day today and will be working tomorrow for most of the show and then meeting a friend to walk around and view it a bit. Ribbons for Viewer's Choice and the Challenge quilt winners will be posted so I look forward to seeing who the winners are. There are some wonderful vendors to visit and I already bought some fabric and, of course, some beads! This is always one of the best shows in the area (this year is no exception!) and I'm proud to be part of it.

I have to get the picture of my challenge quilt from my dad so I can post it here for you. Will try to get that up in the next couple of days. They indicated that it one a ribbon but I don't know quite what yet. I don't know exactly how they judged them but I think there are several ribbons being awarded. It was a very fun challenge to participate in. Some of the other pieces are really wonderful and I'll try to get some pictures of them tomorrow to post here with permission!

Have to get some rest now so I'm ready to go for a long shift at the show tomorrow. Come back soon for more pics!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This blog had its 1000th visitor today!!!

Thank you for coming to my site.  I hope you enjoy my musings and pictures.  I will post some more pictures soon of my Studio Art Quilt Associates on-line auction donation quilt (12"x12") as well as some pictures from my guild's quilt show this weekend.   After this weekend I will also post the pictures of the monochromatic Challenge quilt I did for the show.  

Come back and visit soon!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finishing is a Good Thing!

I wanted to get a new post out there for you to read, so I apologize for no quilt pictures at this time. Will try to get some on here in the next few days though!

Here is a picture of a Calypso Orchid or Lady Slipper, being posed for the camera by my son. We were camping and there were lots of wildflowers in bloom.

I just finished a wall hanging that is heavily quilted and has quite a bit of beading on it and I finally feel like I have a free moment. I needed to finish it in order to get it into our quilt show next weekend so I am happy to have met that deadline. I still need to put a sleeve on it (in case it should happen to sell!), but other than that it is a wonderful testament to having a vision and sticking to it. This piece is called "Twilight" and has a large arch over a landscape. The sky and water are cut from a beautiful hand-dyed piece of fabric I bought last year in Seattle. The landscape goes outside the boundary of the arch on the sides, and in the borders it is just a quilted image. It is probably hard to envision, and I am not planning to post pictures of it here until sometime down the road as I hope to try to enter it in a show or two (after our local quilt show). Some shows do not want entries to have been displayed on the internet or even in another national/regional venue so I'm keeping it under wraps for now. Sorry to tempt you then pull it away!!

I also finished the challenge piece I have been working on for this quilt show. I received one piece of fabric and had to make a quilt smaller than 144 square inches. This piece came out very nice and I will be proud to show it. Much better than the piece I made for the last challenge I was involved in at the In Good Company textile arts show in February. That one was pink and rather cluttered with STUFF. This one is more in my comfort zone with color (can't even tell you that!), and since there weren't any limitations on what you could do it came rather easily to me. They will be judging the pieces and they are supposed to be anonymous so I'll have to put pics here after the show! Since the pieces are all monochromatic and there were numerous different colors of the challenge fabric, I believe the display of work will be wonderful. I'll try to get some pictures of them to show you. Stay tuned…

I sure wish someone would make a comment here as I'm not sure if it is working or if you just don't have anything to say??? I haven't had a comment in months! If you have difficulty posting a comment, would you mind e-mailing me at to let me know what problems you encounter? Maybe I have something set wrong….?  I'm rather new to this, but I did get some comments when I first started the blog.

My gardens are just bursting with color right now. Huge orange poppies are blooming with big purple iris among them---what a sight. In the morning light the blue flax are like neon blue and just seem to glow. Unfortunately recent rains have encouraged lots of weeds and I really need to get out there and take care of some of them in my multiple garden areas. Probably should tackle the vegie garden first to make sure the seedlings aren't choked out! My perennial hill is really sad as the weeds are now marching over the top and inching down the front side. I recently cut down some aspen trees we had planted next to this garden because they were sending out runners everywhere (nasty things!). The trees are gone but the runners are still abundant. We've read that you just have to keep cutting them down and without leaves they will eventually die. How long "eventually" is we really don't know!

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