Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Judging and Jurying

I just got my quilt, "Twilight", back from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival out in Hampton, Virginia. The comments from the judges were good, but I did not get an award. It is nice to get feedback from these nationally known teachers/judges about your work and I find it worthwhile to enter these shows for that reason. Here is what they said:

"Beading is very effective. Juxtaposition of quilting designs is interesting. We like the use of textured fabric. Stitch techniques (and we are nitpicking here) needs to be neater--watch your binding."

I usually get comments about my stitching since I'm not a perfectionist in that regard. I usually do try to make neat bindings, and I think this one is pretty good, so I'm not sure exactly what they mean. I always wish I could be there to hear their discussion about my work and get even more hints on why a piece is not a "winner". I believe that usually for me it is my lack of perfectionism that puts me out of the running. Sometimes I'd like to know where I was in the standings---did I get out right away or was I considered for an award and bumped out because of my stitching.......? Always all these questions cross my mind and make me wish I was a fly on the wall!

This weekend I am driving to Billings, Montana for their retreat and quilt show (I'm not participating in the retreat). I entered three pieces in their show just to get my work to other side of the state and see what people think. I'm staying with a friend for a couple of nights and hope to "peddle my wares" to a gallery or two while I'm there. I'll take some of my work with me as I always do and see if anyone has time to take a look. It has worked before!

Next week I'm taking a design workshop with Lyric Kinard here in Hamilton and I'm really looking forward to that. It is rare that we get anyone of her caliber in our rather rural setting so it is a great opportunity. No matter what she was teaching I would have signed up!

The local gallery where I show my work, River's Mist, is having a show this month of artwork from Stevensville Highschool students and it is a very nice show. If you are in the area I recommend you stop in to what these young people are doing. You will be impressed. Many of us in the community thank Gretchen, the proprietor of River's Mist, for hosting shows like this. She is very supportive of local artists and we greatly appreciate it!

I have two of my pieces on www.infinityartgallery.com which is a site that sponsors on-line art show competitions. The pieces in the Spring Expo will be out there in this "pre-exhibit" until the juror chooses the winners and then those will be there through April. There is quite a variety of art there so evaluating it must a difficult job. Take a look and see how you think my fiber art compares....

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