Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Magazine Articles Published!

In the March issue of American Quilter Magazine you will find my article, "Stamp and Stitch".  That magazine is currently available.  It features the quilt below called "Water Garden" which began with a piece of white fabric that I painted and then stamped with my own stamps and then quilted.  The article does not show the quilt in its entirety, but it shows a few images of the process.  As a fairly traditional magazine this is not the typical article they publish, so I'm honored they agreed to do so and did a nice job with it.

The March/April issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine will be available very soon and I also have an article in this magazine.  It is called "Free Form Quilting for Art Quilts" and is a very nice spread with five pages and lots of images of my work.  They have chosen 10 of my pieces with full and detail images of many of them to illustrate the article.  I'm very excited about this particular article and happy with what they have done with it.  I hope you enjoy it, too!

Machine Quilting Unlimited is a magazine that is not available on all the store newstands but should be at Barnes & Noble, Joann's Fabric, and Books A Million, as well as some quilt shops.  You should also be able to order on-line through Meander Publishing.  I highly recommend it if you do your own quilting whether with a domestic or longarm machine.  It is an excellent magazine.

Having these two respected magazines publish my writing and my artwork is exciting and makes me very proud.  I hope that I can continue to have some of my articles printed and that I can come up with new ideas to share with you.  I do have some articles submitted currently and am waiting to hear whether they are interested in them or not, but the chances are that they will be rejected (like the last two were!).  The odds are not good for us as there are few magazines and many people hoping to publish their work.  I am just glad that I managed to get these first 3 articles accepted because it assures me that I can write well enough, I just need to find the right topics for the right publication at the right time.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the articles please let me know here, or e-mail me at heidi@heidizielinski.com.  I'd love to hear from you--with critique or praise!

In my next post I will tell (and show of course!) you about the "miniature" quilts I've been working on to send to a miniatures show in my gallery, Bailiwick On Grand, in Billings, Montana in April.  They are 6x8 or smaller and very fun!

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