Thursday, August 23, 2012

Solo Exhibition in September

In September I will have a solo exhibition of new work at Montana Art and Framing in Missoula, Montana. The show is called “Stitch: Lines of Communication”. I currently have 12 new pieces and hope to make one or two more small pieces for the show. I am really happy with the work and I think it will be a beautiful show. Here a few of the pieces you will see----come see them in person it is much better!!

It takes a lot of time and thought to come up with my titles.  I almost always do this after the piece is finished. Sometimes they seem a little bit sappy to me and I'm not one to be philosophical or deep, but I want them to be meaningful.  Let me know if you have any thoughts about my titles.

This one has somewhat of an ethnic feeling to it but I also think it has an intensity to it and feels rather warm. The title is “Heated Conversation”. The piece includes hand stitching, stone and ceramic beads, and some fabric remnants given to me by friends.  

This piece is called “Release”. My 9-year old was lying on the couch enjoying one of the last days of his summer vacation. I showed him this piece and asked him if this is what he felt like on the last day of school last spring when he was getting out for the summer. His face lit up and clearly he identified with the feeling incorporated into this piece. Success! From the brick and mortar to the freedom of summer, or to the freedom of going out into the world after graduation. Maybe a major change in your life frees you up to venture forth on new adventures. Whether a positive (new job with more money) or a negative (divorce) change, there are new things to explore and experience. Fly, be free! (Maybe that should have been the title!)

This piece is called “Searching for Center”. This refers to the hand embroidery in the circles with the off center orientation, but also to the lifelong struggle to stay centered in our life, art, etc... The base for this piece is a very heavy, coarse textured utility fabric given to me by a friend . I think the beading is integral to the composition and helps to balance the piece. 


My show will open on Friday, September 7 with a reception from 5pm-9pm, and will continue through the month of September. Montana Art and Framing is at 709 Ronan Street in Missoula. Phone number is 406-541-7100. Please do stop and see my new work!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Inspiring View Out My Front Door

 A few nights ago there was forest fire smoke in the atmosphere and a thunder storm moving through, but the sun was shining through at the horizon of the mountains.  I just had to go out and take some pictures at the risk of getting hit by lightning.  I was limited in my angles because it was raining so I had to stay on my front covered deck.  The colors changed as the sun set and the storm moved.  

This is the view out my front door.  Actually I can see much more of a panorama than this, but I can't get it all in my camera.  I'm thankful for it every day.   It is one of the things that inspires me to create my art and share the beauty I see with others.

Find your inspiration. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Reminiscing...

I was going through some of my quilt images and found these two pieces which I sold to the same person.  She and her husband loved both of them and I hope are still enjoying them wherever they are.  They moved south shortly after buying the second piece.

The first one never had a title except for "Challenge 2008" because it was made for the 2008 Sapphire Quilt Show challenge.  We were given the florally fabric with the black background and a dull light green tone-on-tone fabric with vines on it which were both very difficult to coordinate with other fabrics.  It took me months to come up with this collection---but it was worth it!  This piece won the challenge and was purchased before the show was over.   I will always regret that the price it sold for was an error and they got it for a song.  And I never even got to bond with it as I finished it just before the show!  At least I have pictures!  I am glad that it went to someone who really enjoys and appreciates it---and bought another piece shortly thereafter!

I like the suspended quilted triangles at the bottom.  I will have to do this again sometime as it was quite effective and added a lot of interest to the piece. 

 The second piece is called "Out of My Window" and began with a de-colorized image printed on two different types of silk.  The picture is of some cottonwood trees and snags (dead trees) in my backyard along Three Mile Creek.  This is the scene I see out my sewing room window, or I should say, used to see.  The tall snag fell down a couple of years ago---as I was looking out the window!  That was truly something to watch.  Kind of slow motion and then a dull thud.  Not even a loud crash or boom or anything.  And it wasn't even windy.  Just rotting cottonwood.  Luckily it was far from the house and caused only slight damage to our fence.   Love the black, white and red color scheme.

I have been busy working on pieces for my upcoming solo show at Montana Art and Framing in Missoula, Montana.  I have 8 new pieces and hope to complete several more.  I am pretty happy with what I have so far and hope that the gallery owner will be too.  I haven't made my final decision, but I think the show will be called "Stitch:  Lines of Communication".  With all the quilting and the hand embroidery on these pieces the lines are pretty integral to the work.  Now to write up a publicity statement about the show and what my title means.   Back to work!

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