Monday, December 21, 2009

Thanksgiving and Christmas

So, I'm finally getting back to my blog after a "brief" intermission.  On Thanksgiving Day my mother was put on a Life Flight plane and flown from Missoula, Montana to Houston, Texas for emergency surgery to repair her aorta. My dad went with her, my brother went on Thanksgiving day, and I followed the next day.  The surgery to replace a section of her aortic arch went very well (had a world-reknown topnotch surgeon!) and there were only a couple of days of high level stress!  Aside from some minor issues with med reactions, she has been steadily recovering, is back home now, and is doing very well.  There were a few stressful days for my parents when they weren't sure whether they would be able to get on a plane to fly home because her picture I.D. was wandering around somewhere in the UPS "overnight express" system--and my mom was more than ready to get out of the hospital and back to Montana!.  Luckily they had enough documentation to get through security and made it home.

I got home just in time to hang some of my work at The Beaded Pony here in Stevensville and to be there for the opening reception on First Friday.  There were a good number of people through to view my work, and I even sold a piece which was very exciting.  It was one of my favorite pieces called "Copper Leaves Dancing" and I know the buyer will enjoy it in their home as I have enjoyed it in mine!  I really appreciate the opportunity to show my work even if there aren't many/any sales, but it is nice to sell something once in a while!  I also sold a small piece at the Stevensville Art & Sculpture Society (SASS) holiday art show, and the ornament I made for the Art City gallery in Stevensville recently sold.     

There is a new gallery in Stevensville called "River's Mist" on Main Street and I have contacted the owner and will be showing my work there as a featured artist for the month of May, 2010.  This is a really lovely gallery with a great mix of quality artwork, and I am pleased that the owner has agreed to display my work.  I look forward to creating some new pieces to show in this great space.

I just finished the piece that I showed pictures of in my September 13 post (in progress) and it turned out really nice.  I like the quilting and beading, but am still trying to convince myself that it is enough.  It is always a debate with myself as to whether or not I am done embellishing a piece or if it needs something more.  I haven't put the sleeve or label on yet so there's still time!!   When I have the pieced photographed I will post the finished work.

I also finished a couple of pieces for my recent TARTS (Textile Arts) class on using fusible web as surface design on quilts.  One pieces uses foil on the web to create webby-looking metallic color and I did some 3-dimensional design  on this piece.  Originally I was going to cut up the quilted piece to make some ornaments out of it, but ended up twisting strips and attaching them to the base so they arc up over the piece.  Hard to explain, but I will get a picture of it and post it here.  It is in black, white, and purple.  The other piece uses Pearl Ex Powder to color Misty Fuse (just shake a 1/2 tsp in a baggie with the piece of Misty Fuse) and then I adhered it and quilted it to a quilt.  The powder I had was a bronzey/coppery color and very pretty over the black fabric that I put it on.  I quilted a feather medallion centerpiece on it and it creates a very pretty relief and has a nice sheen to it.  Once again, when I get a good picture of it I will post it for you! 

I apologize for not having any pictures at this time, but I will get them soon!  I'm sure you are all as busy as I am this time of year, and having a seven year old there are much more fun things to do this time of year than messing around with digital photos on the computer!  

My son and I have been having a good time making beaded snowflakes.  I took him to The Beaded Pony for one of their short workshops and he learned how to create them.  We bought some extra wire forms and have been busy making many different patterns and designs.  It is fun to see what different beads do and how different combinations look.  There are as many possibilities for bead design as there are real snowflake patterns!   We have talked ourselves into parting with some of them for gifts, but are keeping our most favorites of course.  They will be this year's addition to our Christmas ornaments.  I have made something new for the tree every year since Michael was born, and in recent years he has helped.  

I wish you the very, merriest Christmas and a truly Happy New Year!  May you be blessed with good health, happiness, and financial security.  Create, imagine, or dream every day.  It is good for your soul.  It has done mine wonders!!

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