Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daly Mansion Holiday Art Fair Booth

I had my first booth show this weekend. I was a vendor at the Daly Mansion's juried holiday “craft” show in Hamilton, Montana. I had heard that his was a good venue because people usually came with money to spend and were interested in quality art. Unfortunately, either due to the economy or the nature of my work, there was very little spending going on in my booth! I heard a rumor that there was not much going on in other booths as well, but I did see people with bags walking around.

I had many, many positive and enthusiastic comments and accolades about my work. Most of the people who actually came into my room were interested and intrigued with it and spent a reasonable amount of time looking at. Very few looked at price tags, and those that did just moved on. Because my work is not cheap or even inexpensive, I'm guessing that most people need more time to make such a purchasing decision---especially if it is to be a gift. It is hard to buy art for other people.

I am glad that it is over and I have all these wonderful little works to sell at the local galleries where I show my work. I can take a breather and maybe clean up my house and particularly my work space! I did my duty in exposing many people to the world of art quilts. There were people who had never seen this type of art and obviously found it fascinating. There was one who asked, "So these are meant to hang on the wall?", which I thought was fairly obvious, but I answered her politely and let her look. Lots of people took business cards and if even one of those results in further contact and maybe even a purchase down the road it will have been worth it.

Here some images of a few small pieces I had at the show. The little owl piece was one of two small pieces that actually sold. I at least made my booth fee back and a little more, but not enough to make the whole effort worth doing again.

Six Little Owls (SOLD):

Little Pine ($60.00):

I've Got Rhythm ($180.00):

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