Saturday, November 1, 2008


My six year old was decked out as a street sign last night which was so simple to make and such a hit!  He wore a knit hat with the sign on it, gray sweat pants and sweat shirt, gray gloves, gray socks.  He was a little embarrassed (six year olds usually go in for superheroes), but all the good comments made him a bit more proud of what mom had made him into. I can remember a particularly embarrassing costume that I wore in grade school. It was probably due to reminding my mom the day before that I needed a costume so I had to wear whatever she came up with. It was the Emperor's New Clothes and I had on long underwear and a purple cape. I would rather have been a street sign!

Usually my goal with my son's costumes is to make them comfortable so he won't mind wearing them all evening and cute enough that we get some good pictures for the scrapbook.  In past years he has been dressed as Ferdinand the Bull (from a popular children's story) and a bottle of ketchup (very cute). This year's was definitely the easiest.

Now to change the subject, I thought I would show you some of my recent finished art pieces so you can see more of what kind of work I do. Sometimes the works in progress are so rough you can't see where they are going or how they might end up and I'd like to let you know that they do eventually turn into something!

The first one arose from experimenting with melting synthetic fabrics with a heat tool and is called "It's A Scorcher". Various fabric scraps of different times from lame to acrylic felt were layered and then covered with organza. I stitched the layers to hold them together, then I randomly melted areas with the heat tool. I sliced the piece in three units and attached it to a background then embellished with twisted wire, long bugle beads and couched yarn.  The picture is not the greatest mostly I think because of the bright oranges in the fabric, but you get the idea.

The second piece is called "Out My Window" and in it I used some photo transfers on silk (left) and organza (right) portraying some cottonwood trees in my backyard. I embellished with some beads, a touch of embroidery, and stamping. I love the boldness of this quilt created by using just three colors. It was made for our local quilt show that was in July with the theme of "In My Backyard". Didn't win any ribbons, but I like it.

I have a few quilts done more recently that my dad just helped me take pictures of and I'll try to get a couple of those up here for you to see once I get them onto my computer. It would be nice to get some comments on my work and please let me know what you would like to see or hear about. But even if you don't wish to comment, please do visit again!


lyndasthompson said...

This is a great idea!

norma said...

I like it, too. Very well balanced and good colors.

Welcome to blogdom!

Johnni Schell said...

I really like your work, Heidi - you have a real talent with colors and pattern. Your piece in progress on your previous post is awsome - and I really like OUt My Window - the black/white/red - so graphic.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Heidi..I'm very very new to doing fibre Art and ART and don't know any of the technical terms but I have been a keen viewer for quite a while and I think your work has the "IT" factor....the certain something.Keep on doing what you are doing.

Scorcher is definitely its namesake. I like your colour and value choices. The embellishments and singed pieces mix in great and the quilting pulls it all together.

Out my Window is eyecatching. I really like your placements and the boldness of the 3 colours.
Thanks for sharing.

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