Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Gallery on the Website

Please check out my website at and see the new quilt pictures in Gallery 2.

This weekend there is an art quilt show here in the Bitterroot Valley and I have entered 7 of my fairly recent works. Two of them are new ones that I just finished. Most of these pieces are now loaded on my website. The show, called "An Affair of the heART" is Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday at the Hamilton City Hall (also called the Bedford Building). There are numerous fiber artists exhibiting their work and there is a challenge that should be very interesting. It is usually a very good show.

I have one quilt in the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival and it should be arriving there any day. That is a national juried quilt show over in Virginia on the East coast. This is the first time one of my works has been over on the East coast. The SAQA exhibit that my piece, "In A Heartbeat", is in, will also be showing at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. That exhibit is called "Fibrations" and includes small fiber art works from artists across the country.

I will be hanging a few of my pieces at a wonderful local retail furniture and home decorating store here in Stevensville called Madison Creek Furnishings. They have a beautiful inventory of furniture and accessories that I think some of my pieces will blend very well with. I need to write up labels with descriptions and prices on them and get them over to them pretty quick here.

Our project this month for the textile arts class I'm involved in, is gelatin plate printing and I haven't done anything yet (class is next Tuesday). I plan to make my gelatin plate today and then will be able to do some printing in the next couple of days and maybe make a small piece from one of those. I have a print from a friend which she didn't like and made me take it off her hands. I have added to it with some Shiva paintstiks to make it hopefully a bit more interesting.

Here are some of my recent pieces, which are also now on my website. This first one was inspired by the fabric beads we made for last month's textile arts workshop. I wound materials around a skewer and then melted them with a heat gun. The materials included felt, tyvek, fabric, threads, and sheer fabric. I thought they looked like little cocoons, so this piece is entitled, "Chrysalis".

This next piece has already sold and it is called "Midnight Cowboy". I really like how it turned out. The quilting around the border started at the upper right and I went around the piece quilting a pattern that reminded me of barbed wire. when I got to the top I ran out of thread! Since I knew I could not make another thread blend and not be noticeably different, I decided to change to a metallic silver and the barbed wire pattern became a starry sky. It is really effective and was a happy accident!

One week in January I decided to do some wholecloth pieces in order to work out some quilting patterns. Two pieces turned out nicely and I ended up adding some beads and finishing them. This is one of them. I just used a piece of black fabrics and quilted it with rayon and trilobal polyester threads including some varietgated ones. I like how the quilting is accented on the black fabric. This is a small piece, but it has great impact.


Monica said...

Heidi, please post more of your WIP and finished pieces especially the challenge. It is easier to follow them here than on your website. A friend and i are embarking on a years process of embellishing and making a fiber book. I need inspiration and you certainly have it.
Monica Kerrville TX

Heidi Zielinski said...

Actually I am taking WIP pics of a piece I am currently working on and will post them soon. Thanks for your interest in my work!

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