Monday, April 2, 2012

New Work for May Solo Show

Started on a new piece this week which will be for my next show in May. I like the color and quilting on this piece, but maybe I overdid it with the embellishment? I used a facing to turn the edges to the back and I like the effect, but it doesn't hang as flat as I would like. Will have to steam it a bit and see if that helps.

Here are the fabrics: a rusty gold cotton, a lime green/rust batik, and an Osnaburg that I rusted.

Lots of quilting, not sure how well you can see it in these pictures but it turned out nicely.

Embellished with a loopy yarn edging inserted in the facing, silk flowers centered with stone donut beads, and some additional beads for accent. Not sure what the brown beads are made of, but guessing maybe bone or horn colored to look like wood. The ones at the bottom are glass.

Love the rusted Osnaburg. Many people don't seem to know what Osnaburg is but it is a great fabric in quilts. It is similar to a muslin but a coarser weave and texture and a nice organic feel to it. I love to use it in many different ways. My sister and I split the large rusted piece we had put into a big garbage bag with a rusty old tow chain. Created some great rust coloring, but boy does that needle clunk when you hit the heavily rusted spots!

Working on a title for this one....

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Marie Costa said...

I love the embellishments, it adds to all that yummy texture. These colours are glorious - perfect for spring!

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