Creating art out of fiber and stitch is my passion. In no other pursuit have I ever found the rewards and joy that I find in using textiles, thread, paint, beads, yarns, and whatever else inspires me to make an object of beauty to share with others.

My work is based in the quilting tradition of three layers stitched together, but the artistry of it goes far beyond the basic piecing of geometric shapes to create a bedcovering. You will see reflections of nature in my work as I live in a valley in the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana surrounded by mountains, rivers, streams and my own garden. Color and texture inspire my work and they are my palette.

I write about what I am doing with my art and where I hope to go. I create, I write, I teach, I share and I think about my art and tell you about it all on the pages of my blog.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rainbows and Birds

The other day we had a spectacular full rainbow out our front door.  It was so big that I couldn't get all of it framed in my camera!  For a while there was a double rainbow too.  And, the moon was still in the sky above it, but it was pretty faded in the sky and I couldn't get a good picture of it.  With the Bitterroot Mountains behind it this rainbow was glorious to see.   You know the pictures don't do it justice.

I'm showing some of my work this month at Selvedge Studio in Missoula, Montana.  This is a fabric store with wonderful modern and classic fabrics, out of the ordinary from what you find at quilt shops.  They sell to lots of people making clothing and home dec items, as well as us quilters so they have more than just your regular quilting cottons.  They even carry silk, linen, and other wonderful things.  Here are two pieces that I made especially for this show using a couple of their cotton fabrics.  The owl fabric and the bird fabric were purchased at Selvedge Studio.  The first one is "In The Pink".  Hand-dyed background fabric, couched yarn, decorative machine stitches, free motion quilting, beading (including dangling leaves).

In The Pink

 This one is called "Birds of A Feather" (Flock Together!).  Dangling leaf beads at the top, additional beading at the bottom, free motion quilting.  The dangles of leaves were fun to do and create strong interest at the top of the piece.  I love this bird fabric!
Birds of A Feather

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Marie Costa said...

This is a terrific quilt, it's so sweet! The beading is a perfect touch.