Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Soy Wax Batik Fabrics

Here are some more images of the soy wax batik fabrics I created in a class last fall.

Square yellow image on this one is the bottom of a plastic berry basket.

I cannot for the life of me remember how I made the little white marks on the piece above!

The one below used the same wide foam brush with notches cut out as one of the fabrics on my previous soy wax batik post. This piece has three layers of color/wax which creates some depth in the imagery.

Below is a quilt that I made using some of the batik. The white sweeps were made using a wide paint brush to apply the soy wax in a random, freeform pattern. Here is a pic of the remaining piece of that fabric:

"Midas Touch"

I hope you have been inspired and will try this technique. I am looking forward to using my fabrics this coming year and creating some fiber art that uses my own fabric designs!

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Patricia Pressler said...

I love your recent work, as always. I saw a photo of your entry in the Mid-Atlantic show, on the QuiltUniversity.com site, under "student commons", and I think it is FABULOUS, and I would have awarded it a first place, for sure. Keep up the great work, as I enjoy seeing how your vision(s) evolve.
Patricia Pressler

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