Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bubbles In The Candlelight

"Bubbles In The Candlelight" 

This piece was made recently and it uses a hand-painted fabric (in the center), a woven remnant from a friend who makes clothing, imitation textured suede, and a batik that amazingly is really similar to my painted fabric and a rich solid (at the bottom).  This simple composition has an extensive amount of free-motion quilting to create further interest.  I really like how the quilting in the light section came out.  The circles of "suede" are very interesting and they catch the light in a unique way.  Each of the fabrics seems to reflect or absorb light differently so when this piece is hanging it changes as the day goes by and as you move around it.

A very interesting, and I think successful, piece.  I hope you like it too!

Any critique? 


HollyM said...

I think it's quite beautiful and would love to see the textures up close! I have a difficult time to critique my own work let alone someone else's.
Normally, I would think tha there is a lot going on in the left side, but I think the woven fabric seems to balance it nicely.

Marybeth said...

Another beautiful piece! Keep posting, it starts my day off with creative thinking!

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