Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quilt Show Challenge

I recently participated in the Sapphire Quilt Show challenge and showed my piece at the show this month. This is the quilt group in my small rural town of Stevensville, Montana.  I didn't win any prizes, but I liked the way my piece turned out.  (I did get 2nd place on one of my entries in the main show).

We were given two fabrics to work with and could make anything (maximum 100" perimeter), it didn't have to be a quilt, although mine was..  There were two viewer's choice prizes given and one went to a stuffed horse "of many colors" and the other to a cat wall hanging.  Cute won over whatever you would call my piece (although I can appreciate cute, I don't usually do cute).  I chose to disguise the challenge fabrics rather than showcase them.  The multi-color fabric is covered with sewing tools and notions.  I cut out some of the buttons and used them to embellish my quilt.  The flat piping inside the binding is made from the green swirly challenge fabric.

The color is not as accurate in this image, but you can see some of my stitching.

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Martha said...

Really lovely stitching. I like it much more than "cute."

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