Saturday, September 8, 2012

Show Opening

Last night I had my gallery show opening at Montana Art and Framing in Missoula, Montana.  I was very happy with the quality of the patrons who came to see my work (thank you all very much!), but somewhat disappointed with the number of them.  It was a busy Friday evening in Missoula with much going on in town and this gallery is a little bit off the beaten track.  As well, it is some distance from the Bitterroot valley where most of my friends and acquaintances reside.  Very few wish to venture into the city on a Friday night, but I am very hopeful that when they do make it into Missoula they will stop by and visit the gallery.

I did sell one piece and have an image here of it in progress and finished.  It is called "Filigree" and was the last piece I made with the intention of doing something small that might sell---and sell it did!  Nice to see that red dot up there on the wall.  Hopefully something else will sell before the month is over.

This next image is of the second to last piece I made for the show---also intending to create something small that might sell.  Unfortunately (or not?!) this piece became a little larger than I intended so will likely not be snapped up so quickly.  It turned out rather well I thought and I really like the cream colored area near the bottom.  The piece was inspired by the floral blue fabric which I bought one day and made into this piece over the next few days after that.  It is called "Garden Blues".

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