Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mini Fiber Art - Ornaments for the Holidays

I have been spending lots of time in the last month making mini fiber and bead art quilts or "ornaments".  Most of them are not holiday motifs so that they can be hung all year round.  I have sold quite a number of them myself, and I have them in all four of my galleries in Stevensville, Hamilton, Missoula and Billings.  They are sold for $25-$28. 

They are rather time consuming to make but it is fun choosing the fabrics, yarns to twist together and couch around the edges, and choosing beads to decorate them.  They are double sided and almost all of them have fringe at the bottom and a beaded hanging loop at the top.


Reverse sides

Here is an image of one of them before I glue it together and stitch it.  I use heavyweight stabilizer between the two pieces of fabric and just baste them with glue stick.  I twist several yarns together and zigzag them to the ornament.  Then I sit in front of the TV with my tray of beads and adorn them!

Look for my artwork at Art City in Hamilton (open every day now through the holidays), The Artist's Shop in Missoula, River's Mist in Stevensville, and Bailiwick's on Grand in Billings---all in Montana. 

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Kitchener Quilter said...

Very cute ornaments. Might just try this sometime. Thanks for posting.

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