Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Images from River's Mist Gallery Show

Here are some images from my show in September that was at River's Mist Gallery in Stevensville, Montana.  It was a beautiful show and I received lots of great comments, but unfortunately very few sales took place.  I made many new pieces for this show and worked for several months, and many long hours to get them done. 

Unfortunately due to a similar level of sales overall as we had for my show, River's Mist Gallery will be closing at the end of December.  I will miss it greatly as it was a wonderful showcase for my work, and that of many other great local/area artists.  I met lots of them and enjoyed seeing their work--but particularly enjoyed how Gretchen Spiess would intersperse my work with theirs.  She is a professional seamstress and thus has a particular fondness for fiber and a real knack for creating beautiful displays and "vignettes" in the gallery.  She showed my work often and probably more than she should have.  I'm sure there were other artists jealous of the amount of space I had in the gallery most months.  

The top piece is actually fused glass by Kathleen Sheard.

I will probably look for a new gallery somewhere in the Bitterroot to showcase my work.  You can always see my art at The Artist's Shop in Missoula but I'd like to have somewhere down the Bitterroot as well.

My first magazine article and one of the quilts from it.

Jacket by Odette Grassi

This was in the front window.  Fused glass is by Amy Knight.

This weekend I will be teaching my first class, Strata Art Quilts, to a full class of 8 students.  I'm nervous and excited and hoping that I really do have some wisdom to impart to these paying customers.  The timing of the class is probably the most uncertain part for me since I don't really know how long it will take everyone to actually design and stitch together their own pieces.  Hopefully the schedule I worked out will work for us.  Wish me luck!!

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