Friday, October 25, 2013

Whole Cloth Recent Work

For my show in September I did quite a few wholecloth pieces using various types of fabric as the base.

The first one is called "Rough Play" because the base fabric is a regular old burlap that I painted or did some "mark making" on using acrylic and fabric paints.  I just played around with color and line and didn't really try to make a masterpiece or anything.  After I got it bound and quilted I chose to add some hand embroidery using embroidery floss.  The quilting did not make much impact as the burlap seems to stay rather flat and not show the sculptural effect of the quilted lines.  The embroidery helped to add quite a bit of interest to the piece.  Not a showstopper, but a nice piece.

The next piece is a hand-dyed fabric that I quilted and then added beads.  I don't think the quilting is successful on this piece because it is too disjointed and there is no one strong focal point.  I did try to repeat motifs and design elements, but I'm not sure it is all brought together to be a unified piece in the end.  I do like the colors---love the deep dark red with the bold turquoise.  This piece is called "Turquoise and Blood".  The title was chosen because to me the style of the piece reminds me of American Indian art and the two elements, turquoise and blood, are part of their heritage/history.  I did the quilting completely on the spot without any planning, so the style of it is certainly not accurate Native American.  Just reminiscent of it.

So, that is two more of the pieces that I completed this summer for my gallery.  I have many more, but maybe I'll talk about something else in my next post!  Don't want to get in a rut!

I'm busy making beaded fiber ornaments for holiday sales.  I've completed almost 30 now and have more to go.  I'm selling them for $25-$30 which means at my 40% commission gallery I only get $15-$18, but if I sell them myself (already sold 3!) I get the whole shebang---much better deal!  So I drag them with me wherever I go and hope that someone wants to buy one.  Hopefully by January they will be all gone!  Pics to come...

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