Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm Teaching a Class!

I have finally decided to give teaching a try so my first class is scheduled and I'm ready to start recruiting some students!  The class is based on my recent article in October issue of The Quilt Life magazine on how to make "Strata Art Quilts".  Strata art quilts are long narrow wall hangings made of up varying height strips.  It is mostly a design class but the strata quilts are very simply pieced so the design process is not complicated.  It's all about choosing fabrics and deciding where to put them and how much of each fabric to use.   You should be able to complete your top in class and I will give some examples, hints, and tips about how to finish your piece including quilting, beading/embellishment, and binding.

Here are the details about the class:

Strata Art Quilts

Instructor:  Heidi Zielinski

Where:  Vicki's Quilts Down Under, 2425 W. Central Ave., Missoula, MT 

Phone:  728-9446

When:  10am-4pm Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cost:  $40.00

I'm hoping for a minimum of 5 people and the room can accommodate up to 8.  Vicki has a supply list for the class which has my phone number on it if students need help with the selection of fabrics to bring.  I plan to haul in my big bin of scraps which should have plenty of pieces big enough to use in this project. 

Here's an image of one of my strata quilts called "Sunny Disposition":

If you wish to sign up for the class you call Vickie's Quilts down Under (728-9446), or contact me if you have questions.  My e-mail address is

I sure hope there are some interested people out there--I'd love to have a full class!

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