Sunday, October 13, 2013

Two New Pieces and New Techniques

For my recent gallery show I created many new pieces and experimented with some new techniques and many wholecloth pieces.  Here are two of the small pieces I had in the show which did not sell.  

This first piece, "Harlequin", is a black and white fabric that I painted using plain old watercolor paints and a brush.  I just played around putting the color on the fabric using water and not worrying too much about how the color flowed.  I wanted the colors to blend and move a bit--that's the beauty of watercolor.  I like the way it transformed the black and white fabric into something quite colorful.  I heat set the paint when I was finished.  I used the paint on a test piece of fabric which I then washed in soapy water and rinsed in hot water and the color seemed to hold well.

"Harlequin" - 9"x22" - SOLD

The next piece was the result of some experimenting with Nuno Felting which is a wet felting process where you are melding wool roving with fabric by layering the materials with bubble wrap and rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling...  It takes quite a while to get the roving to work its way into the fabric.  In the piece of nuno felting in the center of this piece I used a silk chiffon fabric and after the felting was done I used some coffee to color the silk and make it blend better with the roving.  This piece features quilted feathers on a linen background, and some beaded dangles for interest.  I hand tacked the nuno felted silk to the quilt.  I love the simplistic sophisticated feel of this piece.  Quite a contrast from "Harlequin" above!

"Native Song" - 12-1/2"x24-1/2" - $290.00

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