Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I'm Finally on Facebook!

Now that my family and I have come into the 21st century with highspeed internet, I have joined Facebook and posted some things out there.  We had dial-up access for so long that I have never really done much surfing and don't even know how Facebook works so it is all a learning thing for me!  I only have 7 friends out there so far, but hope that I will get some fiber artist friends soon!

My mom has been in the hospital for the past two weeks so I have been rather preoccupied with driving into Missoula every day (over an hour round trip) and visiting her.  She just came home today, although they haven't been able to the necessary heart artificial valve repair/replacement surgery because things have been complicated by a stroke.  She will be home doing some healing from the stroke until they tell her to come back for the surgery.  That could be a month or two out.

Now that she is home, which is just 10 minutes from me, and she has a nice sewing studio, I will likely get back to work creating something.  I need some new pieces for my upcoming studio tour and for my solo exhibition in Whitefish at the Purple Pomegranate in July.  I'll also be working on a 12x12 SAQA auction quilt to donate for their on-line auction.

Enjoy the spring weather and visit me on Facebook!

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